Biltong & Droewors: The Perfect Travel Snacks

May 27, 2017

Where are you heading this summer? We want to come along with you: train, plane or automobile. Our Biltong and Droewors are portable and packed with protein so that you can handle traffic or any delay that comes your way.

Aside from enjoying our air-dried beef snacks on the way to where you're going, we also suggest bringing them along to the activities you plan and places you'll visit while you're there. For example, if you're heading out on a boat to fish, you're likely going to get hungry, waiting to catch dinner. A package of Droewors will fit perfectly in your bag and you can easily eat them without putting in much effort. (Here is a list of the best fishing charters in the USA)

But what makes Droewors special? First, they're handcrafted and air-dried. They also are made with a unique blend of spices, but without sugar or artificial flavors. They don't contain artificial preservatives, nitrates for MSG, and they're gluten-free. They're also really delicious and will keep you satisfied until you catch that fish for dinner!

If you're planning to hike this summer, we suggest bringing Biltong along for the journey. Biltong is more tender than beef jerky, almost comparable to prosciutto, but is similar in the sense that it's portable. We start with the best cuts of beef that are marinated and air dried for over 14 days. Like Droewors, there's nothing artificial about it. But the flavor is even bolder and will keep you satisfied while you're out on the trail.

Share your adventures with Biltong and Droewors with us! We love to see how you #EatOurMeat. Adventure awaits!