What is Biltong? Something Meaty!

January 27, 2017

What is Biltong? Simply put: Thinly sliced, air-dried beef.

Originating in South Africa, Biltong is a form of air-dried meat.  There are different types of Biltong made from beef, chicken and game meats such as fillets of Ostrich and Kudu. Biltong is similar to Beef Jerky in the sense that they’re both dried meats. The differences are the ingredients used, process in which it’s made and, specifically, Biltong being a lot less sweeter than Beef Jerky. Our Biltong has no artificial ingredients and 0% sugar.  The simple spices we use enhance the natural flavors of the meat. And the way it dries out, results to tasty perfection without relying on soy, nitrates or gluten. (see the process)

But, Biltong is more than just meat and ingredients. Biltong is a pure delight!  It is part of our food culture.  Something meaty to eat, a treat! A bowl of Biltong pieces could easily replace potato chips on the table when hosting a dinner party or when having a Braai with friends.Hands never hesitate in reaching out when Biltong makes an appearance. It’s a mouth watering snack that most just, love! People get legitimate cravings as far as Biltong is concerned.  And so we took a little trip into the hearts of South Africa to show you how much South Africans love Biltong.

Here is what some of our South African friends had to say about Biltong.

“Well to me, If South Africa had a taste, I’d say it’s Biltong.  One thing I know is when people leave the country they miss Biltong, Pap and Beer.  To someone who has never tried Biltong? What are you doing with your life, Chap?” – Onthatile

“I love Biltong so much that I pay almost [$73] for two small packets of Biltong and Droewors.  It’s my soul food when I miss home.” – Sylvinia

“Biltong to me? If I had bacon and Biltong in my belly for the rest of my life, I would die happy. Never tried it? Don’t, once you start, you cant stop!  All types are amazing! I can’t do a lot of spice, but it shouldn’t be too plain. I really like it when it’s still pink and slightly juicy. I even use the little Biltong powder at the end to sprinkle it over an omelet.” – Kim 

“I just love, love Biltong! I could make it my 3 meals a day!” – Yvonne

The lengths some would go to get their hands on some Biltong just proves to show what a delight it really is. Even as far as attempting to make their own. One thing is for sure, Biltong we just cannot go without!

We’d love to share this mouth watering experience with you!