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Check Out Our New Look

Check Out Our New Look

August 15, 2017

The cat's out of the bag. We are going through a rebranding and we're so pumped about it!

Why did we make a change? 

How many times have you been told to not judge a book by it's cover? That is exactly what we all do, every time we go food shopping. We chose to rebrand our packaging because we wanted the first thing that people see before they try our Biltong to be BOLD. This is because the flavor of our Biltong & Droewors is BOLD, and we don't want to be shy about it. We chose to give our bag a 'brown paper bag' look because that's how Biltong is packaged in South Africa. What we changed was the black background and the vibrant fonts and colors that reminded us of South Africa's culture.  

We also realize that not everyone knows what Biltong is, so we chose to emphasize BEEF to lure in the beef lovers and convert them to Biltong lovers. It's the first thing you read on our packaging. We also wanted to emphasize "SUGAR FREE" because it's something we're so proud about. Most Beef Jerky has sugar in it because it's cooked at a low temperature and the sugar helps their beef appear more tender. Biltong is different -- it's tender because it's air dried and we don't need to add sugar. It has a great, natural taste and texture thanks to a few simple spices, excellent quality beef and our drying method.

We now also offer a 1 serving bag (2 ounces) which has been requested by breweries and customers who are active and on-the-go. The beauty of the new 2 oz bag is that it has a lower price point and just enough Biltong/Droewors to satisfy your cravings & it's packed with 31 grams of protein per bag! Don't worry, we will still have 4 & 8 oz options available on the website and in select stores :). 

Please let us know what you think. Do you love it? Send Feedback

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