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Paleo Certified & Keto Certified Beef Snacks

Paleo & Keto Certified Beef Snacks

December 06, 2018

That's right, Ayoba-Yo’s Grass-Fed Biltong & Droewors now boasts being both Paleo Certified and Keto Certified, making us the first and only certified Biltong & Droewors in the USA! We earned the certification through the Paleo Foundation.

Our Biltong is crafted with premium cuts of beef that are sliced by hand, marinated, and dried by air for fourteen days, instead of being heated or smoked like other jerky and meat snacks. The key is in our unique drying process, we use the same drying method our ancestors have been using for over 400 years, which results in a naturally tender beef snack that doesn’t need any sugar or chemicals. This means our grass fed beef snacks are naturally Paleo and perfect for the Keto diet! 

Our certifications through the Paleo Foundation adds another level of transparency for our customers, which is very important to us. 

About the Keto Diet

The main goal of the Keto diet is to send your body into a state of Ketosis. Ketosis causes your body to consume fat instead of glucose, leading to weight loss. To enter Ketosis your diet needs to consist of low-carb foods, which also means avoiding sugar. Since Ayoba-Yo Biltong & Droewors is naturally sugar free and high in protein, it’s the perfect snack for keto dieters. You can learn a little more about the Keto Diet on our guest blog, or see an in depth guide here

About the Paleo Diet

The main goal of the Paleo diet is to eat what our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate, or at least what they would have been able to eat without the use of technology. Some people have reported weight loss on the Paleo Diet and some do it simply for the health benefits of eating whole foods. You want to meat (hello biltong!), fish, nuts, eggs, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and oils. You want to avoid sugar, dairy, artificial ingredients, legumes (beans and such), and grains (hello grass-fed biltong!). You can see an in depth guide here


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