Eat Our Meat

Biltong, Droewors, and Boerewors protein snacks. More than just jerky.

  • No Sugar

  • More Protein Than Jerky

  • Gluten Free

  • Naturally Flavorful

  • Air Dried

  • Paleo, Keto & Whole30 Friendly

Traditional Biltong

Pronounced: bil-tôNG

Whole slabs of quality beef that are air-dried for fourteen days and then carefully carved into bite-size slices

Spicy Biltong

Pronounced: bil-tôNG

The same as our tantalizing traditional Biltong but with a flavorful kick


Pronounced: dru-eh-Vors

Handcrafted dry sausages that are made with the finest cuts of beef and only four spices. After being air-dried for five days it’s ready for your enjoyment


Pronounced: boo-reh-Vors

A Mouthwatering South African recipe farmer’s sausage that is made with all-natural ingredients and no fillers

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