Biltong - How it's Made

Step 1: Slice and Spice

Our biltong starts with the best cuts of beef that are sliced into long strips and spiced with our not-so-secret blend of spices (void of anything artificial) and soaked in a vinegar based marinate overnight.

How biltong is Spiced

Step 2: Hang to dry

The strips are removed from the marinate and hung to dry in an air-controlled room. The Biltong will dry here for over fourteen days

Day 1:

Biltong air dried

Day 14:

Biltong hang dried

Step 3: Slice and Package

We now have Biltong! The whole strips of biltong is removed from the drying room and carefully sliced and packaged into convenient sizes. 

How authentic Biltong is Made.

It's that Simple!

Biltong, lean clean protein