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Who we are:

Ayoba-Yo is our family company that was founded in our kitchen a few years after we moved to the United States from South Africa. What started as a Saturday morning hobby between a father and his sons slowly marinated into a business. We created Ayoba-Yo to celebrate our roots and introduce America to our traditional South African style meats known as Biltong, Droewors and Boerewors.


You will receive a 2 oz bag of one of the following items:

Traditional or Spicy Biltong - Crafted with premium slices of grass-fed beef that are marinated, seasoned with only a few natural spices and no sugar or chemicals, then air-dried for up to fourteen days! The result is a tender and naturally flavorful beef snack.

Droewors - Premium beef sticks handcrafted with chef selected slabs of beef that are coarsely ground and seasoned with only four spices, then hand stuffed into a natural casing and hung to dry for five days!

Ayoba-Yo Biltong was recently awarded the Today's Show Snackie Award for "BEST MEAT SNACK"