Our Story

Who we are:

South Africans love their Biltong! This is certainly true of every one of the van Blommestein Family.  It is in our blood, along with the sounds, smells, colors and vibrancy of South Africa. We have lived in the US for almost 18 years now and have found replacements for most of the things we love, however, we could not live without our beloved meat.

We missed our biltongboerewors, and droewors so much that we put our South African resourcefulness and creativity to work, dusted off the family recipe book, and got to work making our own biltong, boerewors and droëwors. We subjected our friends and family to taste-testing (they certainly weren't complaining), and after some minor tweaking of the recipes, we ended up with the deliciousness that you can experience today!

What started off as a Saturday morning hobby between a father and his sons, quickly grew into Ayoba-Yo, which has now been in business since 2015.

We are so glad you are visiting our website and would love for you to try our products. We welcome your suggestions and comments but we have no doubt that after your first bite, you'll be saying That's Ayoba-Yo!

Enjoy shopping with us and remember we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please follow us on Facebook to stay current with our events, products and recipes, and check out our Instagram for some photos.

Who we support:

We care about our community. The DC Metro area is one of the most diverse melting pots in the USA and has directly contributed to our growth. As a thank you we donate a portion of our profits to Martha's Table and Capital Area Food Bank, who in turn provide healthy food, affordable clothing, and quality education to the less fortunate in our area. That's Ayoba-Yo!  Every purchase on our website and in-store indirectly helps a child and/or parent in need. If you feel so moved, please take it upon yourself to visit their website, donate directly to them, or volunteer in one of their soup kitchens or food truck. 

Ayoba-Yo Biltong & Droewors Family Story