Why Biltong & Droewors is the perfect snack for your Whole30 Diet

Before we start we should mention that we are not Whole30 approved (just yet) but our Grass-Fed products 'meat' all the requirements, making them the perfect snack for your Whole30 diet. Now, let's get to the meat of things. 

The Whole30 Diet Explained

As Kelly from @PaceLoveFood states it, "Whole30 is not a weight loss diet. Instead, the goal is food freedom (but, you may lose weight!)." The idea behind Whole30 is to eat healthy for 30 days, following specific guidelines, and by doing so you might notice that some of the food you regularly eat are triggers for things like tummy aches, runny nose, weight gain or bloated belly. Essentially by removing all the bad foods from your diet and then slowly reincorporating them after Whole30, you will be able to identify exactly what might be causing which issue. We listed what you can and can't eat below. You can also learn more on the Whole30 website: whole30.com/whole30-program-rules

Why Biltong & Droewors is the Perfect Snack

For starters, our 2oz bag of Grass-Fed Biltong & Droewors contains 31g of Protein! That's almost double the amount of a typical bag of beef jerky (seriously, go check). We use only simple, natural ingredients and spice like: coriander, sea salt, pepper, and cloves, while leaving artificial ingredients and chemicals for the jerky makers. Another important ingredient that won't be found near our beef snacks is sugar. A typical beef snack (or as we sometimes refer to them, "meat candy") will have anywhere between 3g and 12g of sugar per ounce, and the Whole30 diet strongly requires that you eat no added sugar. We also use no preservatives (other than vinegar and sea salt) or ingredients like sodium nitrate. Our beef snacks are air-dried (biltong for fourteen days and droewors for five), leaving the beef tender, easy to chew, and full of natural beef flavor. Mmmmm. 

Learn More about Biltong Learn More about Droewors


What you can't eat on Whole30

  • • Added Sugar (no maple syrup, honey, agave, coconut sugar, etc.)
  • • Dairy (no cheese, yogurt, milk, butter, etc.) 
  • • Grains (no corn, quinoa, wheat, rice, etc.)
  • • Alcohol (for cooking or drinking)
  • • Legumes (beans, peas, chickpeas, peanuts, etc.)
  • • Carrageenan, MSG, Sulfites (essentially processed foods)
  • • Junk Food (this is mainly for metal preparedness rather than diet)

What you can eat on Whole30

  • • Vegetables
  • • Fruits
  • • Cooking Oil (Coconut or Ghee)
  • • Seafood
  • • Eggs
  • • Nuts (not peanuts)




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